Vastu Tips

Although, it requires an expert and detailed advice to take full benefits of Vastu Shastra. We are providing certain Vastu tips, which can help anyone plan their construction. Vastu Shastra has provided specifications on almost everything from the direction of entrance to the placement of a specific room in the house. The following few tips are here on utilizing the potential of Vaastu to bring prosperity and attain a peaceful environment. It is always advisable that the tips be followed under the guidance of an expert to avoid unwanted effects.

  1. The plot should be square or rectangular in shape. The ratio of sides should be less than 1:2.
  2. While selecting the neighborhood, a plot near a temple or crematory or graveyard should be avoided.
  3. Provide more open space in the North and East and major construction should be done in South or West.
  4. Big trees are recommended only in the South and West and small plants and lawns on the North and East. The number of trees should be even.
  5. Land sloping towards North east is considered to bring prosperity.
  6. The geometrical axis of the plot should be aligned with the axis of the Earth's magnetic field, that is, one set of boundaries of a plot should be parallel to the North-South axis and the other set to east- West axis. If the boundary lines are not parallel to the magnetic axis, such land is poor for overall growth, peace and happiness.
  7. The main entrance is preferred in the North or East. The wall in the North Eastern side should not be too high. Keep the Southern side tall and heavy.
  8. The roof should slope towards East, North or North-East.
  9. Allow daylight to enter through doors and windows on the Northern and Eastern side. Keep the West and South shut when not in use.
  10. Keep the central area (known as Bramhsthan) open and not enclosed in any room. If it is roof is kept open, it reduces the number of openings to the outside and less dust enters the structure. It also allows the elements to freely enter the structure and balance the equilibrium.
  11. Columns in a building should be even in number.
  12. Extra care should be taken to doors and windows which produces a creaking noise. It should be fixed as soon as possible.
  13. The Master bedroom is prescribed on the South-West. It provides stability in the life of owner.
  14. While sleeping with your head towards South or East - the North is strictly prohibited for this purpose.
  15. Avoid heavy/dark colures in the Bedroom.
  16. Cupboards should have their backs facing the South.
  17. Wealth and cash should be stored in the North. The place of Lord Kuber.
  18. The seating arrangement in the Drawing Room must face North or East. The backs of sofas or chairs must not face the entrance directly. Keep South and West for your Hi-Fi Music Systems, TV, etc.
  19. The study room is recommended at the West however it can also be kept in North East beside Pooja room. While studying one should face the East.
  20. The Kitchen should be in the South-East (or North-West) and while cooking you must face East or North. Drinking water to be stored in the North-East. Appliances to be on the South or West. Keep the North-East always clean.
  21. Dining table should be placed such that you Face the East or North while eating.
  22. Staircases should be on the South or South-West. They should wind up in a clockwise direction. The number of steps should be an odd number (thus when you start climbing with the right foot, you alight with the same foot)
  23. Keep the positive energy in circulation within the house by installing plants, fountains, aquariums, statues, wind chimes, bamboo flutes, mirrors and crystal balls within the house.
  24. Broken mirrors, bottles and appliances that are of no use should be removed from the house
  25. . In the office - the chief should occupy the chamber in the South-West corner and should face North. The table should be at the South-West of the room and the door should be in the North-East.
  26. His deputy must occupy the chamber in the South or West and face North or East. Other staff members should face East.
  27. In a shop - the door must ideally be on the North-East portion.
  28. In a shop the Personnel must face East or North and Customers should face West or South.

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