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By A.K.Verma
The Bhopal Gas Disaster in The Eye Of Vastu Shastra

During the night of 2/3 December 1984, a leakage of Methyl Iso Cyanate (MIC) gas from the Union Carbide plant at Bhopal resulted in the immediate death of over 3000 people, and lasting injury, often resulting in disability, to thousands of others. It was, and remains till date, the worst chemical industry disaster in the world, with only Chernobyl ranking above it in the list of all industrial disasters. On the 25the anniversary of this Industrial disaster, as a Vastu expert I have tried to study the site of Union Carbide Factory the satellite map of same is reproduced below:

On the 25the anniversary of as a Vastu expert I have studied the site of Union Carbide Factory the satellite map of same is reproduced below:




1 The plot is Polygonal, which brings financial losses.

2 The Factory is situated on the plot which is Truncated both from North East and North West. This is the one of the major causes of Disaster such plots tend to destroy the fortune and can be termed as self destructive in nature.

If we try to superimpose the figure of Vastu Purush on this plot we can very well imagine than the Head, left hand &leg, and right hand of the Vastu Purush are chopped off :


This is also sign of a Disastrous site.

3. All the Methyl Iso Cyanate (MIC) tanks from where the killer Gas leaked were situated in the Center ( Bramhsthan) of the Plot. The furnace and plant were also at the centre The place is considered Sacred in Vastu and this kind of situtation can be bring any kind of disaster.

4. The Plot is extended in South West and South East these are also considered inauspicious.

5. The slope of land from North east to south west is a cause of Financial Debacle of its
own kind.

6. The Tube well and water supply is from South West which is most inauspicious.
In the old city of Bhopal in about 80 acres of land a factory is situated with a name Union Carbide Pesticide Factory.
-The shape of the plot is irregular.

The South, South-East corner is cut whereas the East, South -East corner is extended.

The West, North-West corner is also extended.

In the same way the North -East and the North direction are totally cut,thus the auspicious directions are cut where as allinauspicious directions are extended.

The main entrance of the factory is the South of South-West part.

The furnace is at the centre-place .

To the South of factory is the storage tank and boring to South -West side. This means that there are pits and water in the South of South -West direction.

Railway line has passed through the North and East and the South part of the factory.

There is downward shape in the South West direction. Inspite of all these construction faults the whole factory being built against Vaastu Shastra, it continued for a few years in itself is wonder. The main reason is that with downward slope in the East, unnec-essary water used to collect there.

The methyl iso cyanate plant was exactly at the centre of the factory. All types of pesticides were made here. There were three storage tanks Nos. 610, 611 & 619 where MIC was stored. On 3 rd December storage tank No. 610 get leaked. Due to the poisonous gas more than 2000 workers died and more than 20,000 workers were injured seriously.


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